Data Mastery

A key financial technology provider needed assistance integrating data from multiple disparate entities acquired over the past year, none of whom shared the same data platform or connection for trending, analysis and reporting.

Core10 built an integration center utilizing an API gateway, microservice architecture, hosted in a cloud environment with no on-premise data storage. This infrastructure allows entities both internal and external to the bank to securely communicate and share data efficiently.

The integration was made possible through transformation of data from multiple systems into a single format that consumers of the integration center could “understand”. Data passed asynchronously through the system as messages over a service bus increase durability and responsiveness. The system stored configuration information in Azure SQL, and cached configuration information within a NoSQL in-memory database (REDIS) for increased performance. It also used industry specification for passing JSON formatted data to clients.

The integration center now allows our client to manage data from disparate internal legacy systems as well as third party applications in one unified location. This has allowed the organization to be more nimble and better able to utilize cutting edge technology developed by partners to increase market share.