Don’t pay for the ‘‘hype’’ of technology hubs!


There are deep pools of talent between the coastal hubs.

America is booming with emerging technology, but much of the innovation and development has gravitated to either coast, in places such as New York City and San Francisco. As a result of demand, the cost of talent in such locations can be exponentially higher than in other parts of the country.

The tech bubble is due to burst as talent is increasingly moving to markets where the cost of living is lower. Additionally, successful start-ups are emerging and attracting talent in traditionally smaller markets. Looking outside traditional hotspots results in stronger talent pools at a better value as you evaluate your outsourcing options.Most people assume that software development work done in the US has to be costly. And they have reason to: of the top five states where software developers earn the highest mean salary, none are less than $112,000.* Why then should you prioritize a US-based outsourcing firm if the cost is so high?

First, not all markets in the US are equal when it comes to the cost of development. Core10’s hereshore® model brings professional development job opportunities to second- and third-tier cities within striking distance of important tech centers such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and San Francisco. In these smaller markets, the cost of living is comparatively lower, and the quality of life is high. Most importantly, though, the levels of available talent are strong and growing. All of these equate to lower costs, temporal proximity, cultural compatibility, ease of collaboration, and more significant oversight potential.

Second, US-based development eliminates the cultural, language and convenience barriers associated with offshoring. These headaches include disparities in time zone, legal, and cultural norms, each of which can lead to costly mistakes and consume valuable time to fix. In terms of quality standards, work done in the US often outperforms that done in a foreign country.

Historically, when development work is outsourced, you are forced to decide which of the following you are willing to live without: work done well, work done fast, or work done at a value. After evading the pitfalls mentioned above and adequately evaluating potential outsourcing partners, the hereshore model allows you to receive quality software development work, done on time and priced effectively. Core10 is structured to ensure your success through our unique take on agile software methodology. The Core10 Way, as well as our fintech expertise and hereshore model.

We feel good about outsourcing. Isn’t it time you did, too?


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*How Much Can a Software Developer Expect to get Paid?

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