Modernizing Legacy

A provider of core banking technology enlisted Core10 to create a platform allowing banks and credit unions to securely transmit customer data and documents, creating an end-to-end digital lending experience. The project involved integration with multiple legacy systems, enterprise level security requirements, and consideration of a large corporate structure. Core10’s role included not only architecting and building the solution, but also identifying and vetting the best technology for reliability, scalability, and performance.

Core10 recommended a phased approach with multiple teams working concurrently and a microservices architecture that aligned with the company’s future growth strategy. The platform solution incorporated an array of services that modernized access to banking and lending data, through a data integration center bringing together multiple core systems and numerous third party APIs. A user-centric dashboard for viewing and manipulating data rounded out the platform offering. The development followed our proprietary agile process to complete key milestones in advance of critical customer delivery dates.

Our client was able to achieve their goal of unifying data and simplifying the secure communication of data across a variety of systems. The application was incredibly well received at their annual user conference, and has generated a large number of sales opportunities and an increased market share. Further, our client’s bank and credit union customers are pleased with the new level of lending capabilities they are able to utilize as a result of this product’s launch.