Summer 2019 note from our co-founder

Outsourced implementation developer

Article written by Jeff Martin, co-founder and CEO at Core10.

In this season of summer vacations, we’ve had a few days to sit back and reflect on the year to date while enjoying some of America’s favorite pastimes. As I learned on the field playing professional baseball, 2019 has taught us that we’re better together than alone, and it is our many different strengths that make our team excellent. In no place is this more evident than our diverse Hereshore® talent and partnerships in local communities.

This past quarter we gained a number of new clients, including Fanvest Wagering ExchangeSound Credit UnionPosh Technologies, and 360View.

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For these, and our other active clients, we want the experience of working with Core10 to be remarkable, while we mitigate risks along the way.

This quarter, we have continued to contribute to the fintech literature with a developer-penned blog post on pure web components and their value add for applicable projects.

Thank you for being part of the Core10 ecosystem. We feel good about outsourcing fintech development in the heartland. Isn’t it time you did too?

Jeff Martin, Core10 Co-Founder & CEO

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