Top 3 reasons to partner with a fintech specialist

Finance brainstorming

Why is it essential to work with a specialist rather than a generalist, when outsourcing financial technology development work?

For starters, specialists have an understanding of both current and legacy technology. When looking to modernize systems, it is crucial to know what is necessary to bring technology into the present age. We’ve seen many monoliths begging for microservices, and we’ve moved clients to the latest version of Angular more times than we can count.

Second, specialists understand how to marry technology with fast changing fintech end-markets. Today’s work is ever changing. With a proper understanding of emerging technologies, your partner should be able to ensure your new system remains current as time progresses, or has a sustainable enhancement plan.Lastly, specialists apply expertise from similar projects to solve problems faster and for less. When you have a vertical-specific project, it is most effective to hire a team that has experience working on projects in a similar vertical. When they have completed projects of a comparable nature, they can ensure yours is completed as effectively and efficiently as possible because they don’t spend valuable time learning.


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