Meet your fintech secret weapon.

We’re fluent in fintech.

Your business demands innovation, integration, and the ability to adapt at a freakishly fast pace. Core10 not only understands the relentless requirements of the financial services world, we thrive in it. That’s why we’ve recruited a deep pool of experienced, trained developer and implementation talent — with proven knowledge of the financial industry — right in our own backyard. With Core10, you have flexible, scalable access to the skill sets you need, when you need them, that set you up for success at a cost that keeps you competitive.

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Core10 leadership.

Jeff Hanson, Core10 CEO

Jeff Hanson


Lee Farabaugh, Core10 Co-Founder & President

Lee Farabaugh

Co-founder & President

Tony Nigrelli, Core10 VP Customer Experience

Tony Nigrelli

VP Customer Experience

Core10 board members.

Joe Maxwell, Core10 Managing Partner

Joe Maxwell

Sarah Biller

Sarah Biller

Patrick Bond

Patrick Bond

A thousand families thriving in the place they call home by 2030.

Our Hereshore® alternative to offshoring keeps tech jobs in the United States and supports local communities.

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Our brand promise.

Low-cost, U.S.-
based talent

We are priced 30%-50% below development talent in large U.S. metros through our Hereshore markets, where we leverage low cost of living, build communities, and provide technology careers (not just jobs).


Our employees love what they do, and they stay with us. If a member of your project team leaves the company, we will train and onboard their replacement for free.

Financial application
and platform expertise

We have deep knowledge of a variety of financial technology, SaaS, and services platforms, which means we deliver the right solution quickly. If we don’t know your platform, we’ll learn it on our dime.

Our strategic partnerships.

We are proud to partner with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Join our team

Expand your expertise and stay in your community.

We’re looking for exceptional tech talent with a passion for fintech and hometown vibes.