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Where We Excel


With core platform knowledge, we can help you leverage data currently siloed in legacy systems. We work with banking data daily to deliver new products and capabilities quickly and painlessly, turning the ability to use data to your advantage.

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Modernizing Legacy

The longer a system remains in operation, the more difficult it can be to upgrade or replace it. We’ve helped our clients get out from under brittle systems and technical debt, to a new world of code cohesion and scalability.

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Integration for Innovation

The integration of fintech software with existing systems to provide seamless solutions is our bread and butter. We help you extend your legacy system with new personal, small business, or commercial banking capabilities your customers are looking for.

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Customer Experience

Excellence in user experience is a key to greater wallet-share. We design banking experiences that stick, and our familiarity with the challenges of working within banking regulations means you won’t waste time bringing us up to speed.

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Our Capabilities


Our product development methodology, the Core10 Way, is an agile team process that leverages each discipline appropriately to maximize efficiency across the team. During Discovery, we determine complete project scope, define high-level user stories, and plan for the necessary number of sprints to complete the project. During Sprint 0, we plan the first several sprints, define and groom detailed user stories, create a UX/UI strategy, prepare for quality assurance, and establish devops to ensure the team hits the ground running in Sprint 1.


End-to-end product development

Core banking system integration

Core operating system integration

Product support/maintenance

API integration

SDK integration

Legacy system rewrite

Product support/maintenance

Technical debt assessment

Build vs. Buy analysis

Technologies & Tools

C#, Microsoft .NET stack



Java J2EE


Microsoft SQL Server

Angular, React, Ember


Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS

Google Cloud


Jack Henry jXchange

Jack Henry symXchange

Ellie Mae Encompass


Professional Services

Our Professional Services team works as part of an agile development team, or can work solo to fill gaps in your project team. You’ll find Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Product Owner, and PMP credentials amongst our expert team members.

Product & Project Management

Business strategy

Strategic roadmapping

User story elicitation

Requirements definition

Definition of success

User Experience & UI Design

User research

Heuristic evaluation

UX strategy

UX/UI design



Interface evaluation

Service design

Quality Assurance

To us, quality assurance doesn’t mean clicking through a UI towards the end of a project to see if the “happy path” works correctly. We infuse QA into our entire development process, and consider our testing needs at the outset of a project. The result is faster time to market and reduced costs fixing bugs that should have been found before they ever saw the light of day.


Quality and testing audit

Test-driven development (TDD)

Quality architecture

Quality engineering

Test automation

Unit testing

Integration testing

Tools & Technologies

Webdriver (formerly Selenium)




LeanFT ReadyAPI

Our Hereshore® Services

Our name, Core10, is rooted in the qualities of corten steel, designed to provide extraordinary corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Just like this specialized steel product, Core10’s innovative approach to fintech software services and sustainable economic development in America’s heartland sets us apart.

Client Benefit

Value priced, US-based talent located in America’s heartland, with architectural oversight from seasoned professionals who are dedicated to creating the next technology epicenter in an area ready and willing to work.

Unique Model

Our unique model of software development brings you expertise where and when you need it. We pair senior-level software leads with development horsepower to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. The result is the right tool for each job that makes up a successful software project.

Economic Impact

We create economic impact in underserved areas, like our Huntington, WV and Martin, TN development centers. By providing training and opportunity, we give agency to our team members: they are empowered to build their careers and control their economic destiny.

Core10 Way

The way we approach things is different. The right level of expertise is used at every step. We incorporate mentoring, oversight, and peer review to keep ourselves honest. We use tools such as Discovery and Sprint 0 to make sure you’re on the right track. The results speak for themselves: on time, on budget, executed efficiently.

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